NEW RELEASES: Swahili AMOVREVX and Contact Cult Hylozoist

Translinguistic Other is proud to present the new album from Portland-based quintet Swahili on LP and CD, as well as a new cassette from Contact Cult, the solo project of Swahili’s Troy Micheau.

Swahili - AMOVREVX

For fans of Swahili’s lo-fi, séancing 2012 self-titled debut (available here), the polished pop of AMOVREVX might seem like a surprising departure, however the new album is a faithful chronicle of the Portland quintet’s studied forays into the realm of electronic music and the experience gained from more than seven years together in constant evolution.

Named for the sixth arcanum of the Tarot de Marseilles, AMOVREVX (“The Lover”) explores themes of duality, partnership, and the interplay of opposing forces in the constant renewal of creation.

“I think of this album as a multidimensional slingshot,” says vocalist Van Pham. “It begins on a crossroads, then travels around this mysterious inner world, visiting many different sonic landscapes along the way.”

70s funk, post-punk, dub reggae and the 80s synth bliss of Vangelis and Giorgio Moroder are all features in this landscape, though these influences are subsumed into a whole that transcends the sum of its parts.

AMOVREVX is presented on CD and in a deluxe edition of 500 LPs with download codes and two original tarot cards. A Seattle release show is scheduled for May 14 at Chop Suey with Midday Veil, Newaxeyes and DJ Explorateur. Facebook invite here.

SWAHILI lp release show

In contrast to the heavily worked song structures of Swahili, Troy Micheau’s rhythmically hypnotic synth project Contact Cult is heavy on the repetition and minimalism. Contact Cult’s new cassette Hylozoist will be released on May 12, with a release show at Mothership Music in Portland on May 15. (Facebook event here.)